It was a chilly November morning and I opened my phone to a text from a teacher who used to teach for me: "Mushkie, can you reshare the Tuesday Tip about flipped learning? I want to use it in my new school."

As the curriculum coordinator for the Nigri Jewish Online School, I sent weekly Tuesday Teaching Tips to teachers.

And this was the third time that week I was being asked to resend a tip.

At the same time, teachers and principals from other schools were asking to be added to my mailing list. (But I didn't have one yet!)

I thought (and knew!) 'Teachers are awesome. They're ASKING for more resources and tips and reminders. They want to grow. How could I not?'

And that’s how Evergrowing Educator began.  A platform to help teachers grow.

Why the name "evergrowingeducator"?

I wanted to choose a name that resonates with every educator.

Whether it’s your first year of teaching, or your 40th (kudos to you!), everyone can be an evergrowing educator.

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